WILSON PK是在倫敦和香港的時裝設計師,從英國著名的中央聖馬丁藝術大學畢業。他的理念和靈感都可以從他現代的設計輪廓看到,而品牌也著重於創造非凡的紡織物和物料為主。


在中央聖馬丁的幾年期間,WILSON 已經在幾個著名的時裝品牌裡工作,就像亞Alexander Wang,Iris Van Herpen,Craig Lawernce等。他還獲得了義大利“Umbira羊絨區大獎”,在2013年這激發了他第一季的 SS15  - “(I’M) Purity ”。品牌創出後,著名歌手 Lady GaGa 發現了他的品牌,穿了WPK 1號的閃石連身服,她更在社交媒體引述 WILSON “ 從倫敦聖馬丁時裝學院的驚人年輕設計師。”


WILSON 的理念特別著重時尚與文化之間的交流。通過不同的材料和設計輪廓,他喜歡利用自己的作品而去擁抱自己的社會思想。



WILSON PK is a HK& London based fashion designer graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins. He has become corresponded with the modern silhouette and creating extraordinary future textile & materials inspired by biological reference & his religious belief.


During the years in Central Saint Martins, Wilson has worked in several fashion houses like Alexander Wang, Iris Van Herpen, Craig Lawrence , etc.

He also received  “Umbira Cashmere District Award “ in 2013 which motivated his first collection SS15 - “(I’M)Purity”. Straight after his collection, Lady GaGa has spotted his collection and wore the 1st look, which she quoted on social media “stunning young recent graduate from Saint Martins Fashion School in London”


Wilson believes the communication between fashion & culture. he creates works that argue & embrace his thought of society through the uses of materials & silhouette . Wilson’s fascination with the various of design experiments has resulted in a consistent exceptional outcome, which creates strong, architectural shapes , evoking empowerment to the wearer.






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